lawn insect control

Five-Step Plan: April / May is Lawn Fertilization Treatment and Lawn Insect Control

Here at Evergreen Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive Five-Step Plan.  This year-round plan is designed to help nurture your yard so you can enjoy beautiful shrubs and a healthy, hassle free lawn.  April and May is when we focus on lawn fertilization treatment and lawn insect control.

We recommend applying a balanced lawn fertilizer on all southern turf grass during this time of year.  A balanced lawn fertilizer has equal amounts of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen.   This helps promote the growth of thicker, fuller grass.  The thicker the grass, the more difficult it is for weeds to grow.  A balanced lawn fertilizer also prevents root damage and helps keep turf grass heathy and able to easily recover from that rough game of flag football.

Lawn insect control is also extremely important.  Fire ant control is especially challenging, but not impossible.  Lawn destroying insects are very plentiful in the south.  This is the time of year we apply a surface insecticide for fire ant control and also general lawn insect control. Brown spots, dead patches and wilted blades are all indications of lawn pests, which is why preventive lawn insect control is so important.  And, we all know how bad a fire ant bite feels.  Fire ant control is especially important with children and pets.

Do you want a beautiful, healthy yard without any hassle?  Call to sign up for our five-step plan today.  Prices are as low as $56.50 per application for an average lawn.