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Five-Step Plan: April / May is Lawn Fertilization Treatment and Lawn Insect Control

Here at Evergreen Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive Five-Step Plan.  This year-round plan is designed to help nurture your yard so you can enjoy beautiful shrubs and a healthy, hassle free lawn.  April and May is when we focus on lawn fertilization treatment and lawn insect control.

We recommend applying a balanced lawn fertilizer on all southern turf grass during this time of year.  A balanced lawn fertilizer has equal amounts of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen.   This helps promote the growth of thicker, fuller grass.  The thicker the grass, the more difficult it is for weeds to grow.  A balanced lawn fertilizer also prevents root damage and helps keep turf grass heathy and able to easily recover from that rough game of flag football.

Lawn insect control is also extremely important.  Fire ant control is especially challenging, but not impossible.  Lawn destroying insects are very plentiful in the south.  This is the time of year we apply a surface insecticide for fire ant control and also general lawn insect control. Brown spots, dead patches and wilted blades are all indications of lawn pests, which is why preventive lawn insect control is so important.  And, we all know how bad a fire ant bite feels.  Fire ant control is especially important with children and pets.

Do you want a beautiful, healthy yard without any hassle?  Call to sign up for our five-step plan today.  Prices are as low as $56.50 per application for an average lawn.

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Lawn Fertilizer, Shrub Spraying, Lawn Weed Control…. Are You Prepared for Summer?

Summer is just around the corner.  If you want your lawn to be the best looking one on the block, now is the time to start considering what you need to do to ensure your lawn remains lush, healthy, and green during the hot summer months.

Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn fertilization treatment is essential to both the color and health of your lawn.  Applying lawn fertilizer can be tricky as factors such as growing conditions, grass species and soil type all need to be considered.  We know every year is different which is why Evergreen Lawn Care develops a customized lawn fertilization treatment plan for each of our customers. We have the experience and know how to choose the right type of lawn fertilizer and properly apply your lawn fertilization treatment to achieve optimal results.

Shrub Spraying

Shrub spraying is essential to prevent and treat various pests, fungi and diseases.  Evergreen Lawn Care will recommend a shrub spraying regiment based on the type of plants you have and their conditions.  Shrub spraying is essential not only for the plants, but also for the lawn as you do not want any diseases, fungi or pest to spread.

Lawn Weed Control

Weeds can come from a variety of sources. Mower blades are a big culprit, but seeds from weeds can even blow over into your lawn on a windy day.  This is why lawn weed control is important if you want a healthy, lush, beautiful lawn.  Evergreen Lawn Care uses a customized lawn weed control protocol to help keep weeds from infiltrating your yard.

Contact Evergreen Lawn Care today.  We will come out to give you a free estimate for our customized lawn fertilization treatment, shrub spraying and lawn weed control services so you can have a beautiful yard all summer long.

Lawn Insect Control

Lawn Insect Control Tips

Lawn insect control is part of Evergreen Lawn Care’s five step plan.

Insects are a fact of life and keeping them out of your lawn can be a challenge.  Lawn insect control is part of Evergreen Lawn Care’s five step plan.  We apply surface insecticide to control fire ants and a lawn destroying insects in April and May. Here are some additional strategies that you can implement for lawn insect control:

Conduct regular shrub spraying

Regular shrub spraying will not only keep your shrubs free of bugs, but also help with lawn insect control.

Get rid of standing water

Standing water is a magnet for insects.  Keep your lawn free from puddles and clean bird baths and decorative pools/fountains often.

Be careful with mulch

Mulch is a perfect nesting place for insects.  It can also be a “carrier” as fire ants and other pests can be transported to your yard in both untreated bag and bulk mulch.  Inspect your mulch for insects before putting it down.  This is especially important for fire ant control.  And, for overall lawn insect control, try not to apply mulch more than a few inches deep.

Inspect potted plants

This is an important part of lawn insect control as bugs often “hitch” rides in potted plants. Like mulch, inspecting potted plants especially important if you want to control fire ants.

If you’ve not had your lawn treated with insecticide to control fire ants and a lawn destroying insects, call us today!  April and May is the ideal time to do this in preparation for summer.

Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control Tips

Summerville, Charleston, Goose Creek, and more…

There is little more frustrating than weeds.  The fact of the matter is that every lawn will get them at some point.  The extent to which they infiltrate is dependent on a number of factors.  Below are some helpful lawn weed control tips to consider:

Lawn fertilization treatment

Lawn fertilization treatment helps keep your lawn healthy and thick, making it more difficult for weeds to grow.  We suggest applying lawn fertilizer on a regular basis during growing season because the thicker the grass, the less room there is for weeds to sprout.

Adjust your lawn watering routine

Watering plays a major role in lawn weed control. It is better to water your lawn less often for longer periods of time vs. watering quick and frequently.  Proper watering techniques help discourage grass from shallow rooting.  And, just like with lawn fertilizer, deep watering also allows grass to grow thicker to help choke out weeds.  Most lawns need about one inch of rainfall/water per week.

If your existing lawn has weeds, we will often recommend the above tips along with a targeted lawn weed control strategy.  In these cases, we will treat the lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide and/or a broad-spectrum lawn weed control formula.

Too often, homeowners and/or lawn care companies mow lawns with the blade set too low. The thought behind this is that if the lawn is cut shorter, it won’t need to be mowed as often. Mowing with the blade too low can result in the lawn being “scalped” and/or damaged. Using sharp mower blades are also important as dull blades tear out grass, thus damaging the roots and leaving “holes” for weed propagation. At Evergreen Lawn Care, we recommend keeping your blades sharpened and adjust your mowing decks higher to help keep your lawn healthy while fostering thicker growth.  At the end of the day, thick grass is the best form of lawn weed control!

Have weeds?  Give us a call!


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The Ins and Outs of Pre-Emergent Herbicide

There are numerous reasons why we incorporate pre-emergent herbicide in our five-step lawn care and maintenance plan.  The primary reason is that a pre-emergent herbicide is excellent for crabgrass and weed control.  You don’t want to spend money and time on liquid fertilization when there is a good chance of crabgrass and weeds overtaking your yard.

Some people feel that if they have never had a weed control issue before, there is no need for pre-emergent herbicides. The truth is that crabgrass and other weeds are very invasive and can infiltrate your yard at any time.  Seeds (especially crabgrass seeds) can travel to your yard by wind, animals, and even on shoes.  It is for this same reason that we recommend treating the entire lawn vs. sections for weed control.

Timing is also important when it comes to pre-emergent herbicide.  Since pre-emergent herbicides inhibit shoot and root development, we like to apply them in January, February or March before the growing season starts.  Once the weed sprouts, it is too late for pre-emergent herbicides and another method will need to be considered.

Evergreen Lawn Care uses pre-emergent herbicides on both the lawn and in flower and plant beds for weed control.  And, we do recommend pre-emergent herbicide for all lawns.  Although weed control tends to be easier with thick lawns, there is no guarantee that the lawn won’t thin out due to a drought or some sort of other stress.

Now is the time to have us come out for a pre-emergent herbicide treatment before the growing season is in full force.  We can also review five-step plan which includes liquid fertilization and insect / fire ant insecticide. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!



Year Round Lawn Treatment

We’ve Got You Covered Year Round

Evergreen Lawn Care has a proven five step plan to keep your lawn, flowers, shrubs and plants healthy and looking their best throughout the year.  We strategically incorporate liquid fertilization, fire ant insecticide, pre-emergent herbicide and other techniques during specific times of the year to achieve optimal results.

Evergreen Lawn Care Five-Step Plan:

January – March

  • Pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass weed control and broadleaf weed control.
  • Starter lawn fertilizer (depending on temperature)

April and May

  • Balanced lawn fertilizer for southern turf grass
  • Surface / fire ant insecticide for lawn destroying insects and fire ant control

June and July

  • Complete balanced liquid fertilization with micro-nutrients
  • Surface and fire ant insecticide
  • Organic seaweed extract

Late Summer
August and September

  • Balanced lawn fertilization
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Surface insect and fire ant control
  • Organic seaweed extract
  • Micro-nutrient feeding

Fall and Early Winter
October and November

  • Pre-emergent herbicide / winter weed control
  • Surface and fire ant insecticides
  • Organic conditioning treatment to promote root development

The above program may be adjusted based on your specific needs. During each visit, we examine your lawn for any damage and/or potential problems.  Customers subscribing to our five-step plan can call us any time they identify a possible issue and we will come out to evaluate it at no additional charge.  We also leave you with a fact sheet explaining each treatment and/or application (i.e. liquid fertilization, fire and insecticide, pre-emergent herbicide, etc.).

Give us a call today.  We are happy to come out to your home for a free evaluation and explain how our five-step program can work for you.

Spring Yard Treatment

Spring is the Perfect Time to Spruce Up Your Yard

South Carolina had one of the coldest winter season’s on record.  Many lawns still have hints of brown, while plants and trees continue to re-bound.  Evergreen Lawn Care can spruce up your yard this spring and breathe new life into your landscape just in time for summer!  In fact, now is the time to apply pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass and weed control. We also recommend a starter lawn fertilizer to ensure your spring fertilization gets off to the right start.  And, fire ant control is essential.  Our proven surface fire ant insecticide treatment will keep your lawn free of pesky pests.

During your spring spruce up, Evergreen Lawn Care can:

  • Apply weed control treatment and pre-emergent herbicide
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Incorporate surface fire ant insecticide

If your lawn has more brown than green, consider waiting before mowing it to protect new shoots.  Unfortunately, this past unseasonable cold winter- and several inches of snow – wreaked havoc on lawns, plants and flowers.  Spring fertilization time is quickly approaching, and we prefer to apply pre-emergent herbicide no later than March for best results. If you are not already on our books, give us a call.  We have several options available to fit your specific needs.

Lawn Treatment for Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control – What You Need to Know

You may have noticed fire ant mounds starting to pop up in areas around your home.  As the weather warms, these pests will begin to infiltrate lawns, parks, ball fields and anywhere there is an open sunny area.  There are many types of ants, most of which are a nuisance but necessarily harmless.  This is not the case with fire ants.  In fact, fire ant control – especially around your home –  is very important if you want to prevent their painful stings.  Fire ant insecticide is the most effective method to combat these nasty pests.

Here are some common questions we receive when consulting with a customer on fire ant control:

  • I’m afraid fire ant insecticide will harm my children and/or pets.
    Evergreen Lawn Care uses a safe fire ant insecticide for fire ant control. It will not harm your children or pets.
  • I tried to apply fire ant insecticide myself and it didn’t work.
    We use a special, proven process when applying fire ant insecticide. We may have to treat your lawn more than once if the mounds are well established.
  • Is there a way to prevent fire ants all together?
    Yes!  Evergreen Lawn Care can treat your lawn before ants begin to form their colonies.

Early spring is the best time to for us to come out and formulate a fire ant control plan. In fact, we can apply fire ant insecticide during the spring fertilization process.  And, while we are at it, consider having us use a pre-emergent herbicide for crab grass and weed control.

Lawn Treatment

Special Offer for Lawn-O-Green Customers

We’ve received phone calls from several homeowners in the Charleston area who are looking for lawn care after receiving a letter from Lawn-O-Green stating that Lawn-O-Green would be discontinuing service to their area.    If you’ve received a similar letter from Lawn-O-Green, we’d like to talk with you about how Evergreen Lawn Care can provide you with exceptional lawn care services.

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